The Projectionist

March 27, 1977 | By

John Law recalls:

“A screening of the movie starring Chuck McCann. Strange flick- one of Gary’s favorite. Ron Unger and I dressed up like McCann (white T-shirts w/smokes in sleeve, black pegged pants, greased hair. We picketed the showing at Circus of the Soul (signs, chanting, etc.) and turned away patrons saying the movie misrepresented union projectionists. Gary considered it an experiment to see if people actually tried to find out what pickets were about  or simply had a knee-jerk reaction to them. Ron & I realized we were actually turning people away- they wouldn’t expend the energy to find out what it was all about. We felt bad & slacked of on the picket. This is a good example of Gary’s aesthetic directly clashing with his business efficiency!!”



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