This is a partial list…  stay tuned as we document this more completely!


The Beginning
1st Initiation

Feb 14, 1977 nooseletter – First Calendar of Events!

Weird Walk
Caving in Santa Cruz
Moonie Dinner
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Treasure Hunt
Sliding down South S.F. Letters
Baby Beautiful Contest
Capturing the Golden Hinde
Voyeurism – An American Way of Life
The Projectionist
Crashing a Bon Voyage Party
Ghiradelli Square Squirt Gun
Infiltrating Eckankar
Naked Cable Car
Union Square Stunt
Sewers of Oakland
Kennedy Hotel
Merry Mouth Mental Health Tour
Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

Frog Jump Planning meeting
Midnight Ride
Mythology and Folklore of Wolves
The Last Supper
Be Super, Not Superstitious
Weekend in Hell
Big Time Wrestling at the Cow Palace
Pink Flamingos at the Roxie
Old and in the Way
Caleveras County Frog Jumping Contest
Humiliating a Lecturer
Teacher Party for Communiversity
Fuuuuuucked up with Agamoto and Audium
Walking Tour of Dashiel Hammett and Fritz Lieber

New Games with Juvenile Delinquents
Vaudeville Auditions
Return to the Kennedy Hotel
Performing at a Vaudeville Show
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Spending the Night in a Ghost Town
History’s First Nighttime Capture the Flag Game
Second Mysterious Suicide Club Initiation
Extra Terrestrial Tourists
Massive Assault on an Amusement Park
Certified D.O.A. Commencement Exercises

Mystery Tour
Harrassing a Famous Comedian
Square Dance and New Games
After Midnight in SF
Orgy Time
Infiltration – Railroaders and Scientology
Summer of Love Reenactment
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Slapstick Army Meets the Three Stooges

Bay Bridge
Occupy a Nuclear Power Site
Explore other lifetimes
Daisies & Sweet Movie at Roxie
Water Sports in Marin at Nude Lake
Play Dead
Exploring a Dead Hospital
The Question Man
Beer as in Braindeer
Becoming our Own Heros
Enter Unknown #2 (Max Factor Billboard)

Inner Tubing
Swashing our own Buckles
Suicide for our Ears
Be a Real Cutup – Human Jigsaw Puzzle
Jitterbug Can Kill – Dance lessons
Death, Sticks, Dance
Getting the Most out of being Arrested
Living History – The Barbary Coast
Enter The Unknown #3
Hour of the Wolf
Daffy Duck Musical Roadshow
Caving at Pinnacles
Golden Gate Bridge Climb
Food Fight

An Evening at the Straight Theater
Amusement Appreciation #1
Canoeing under the Wharves
Maritime Time Warp
Teddy Bear’s Tea
Potluck in a Hole
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Communiversity Garage Sale
Punk Rockers Invade Rocky Horror Picture Show
Bring on the Clowns
Tupperware for the Masses
Enter Unknown #4 & #5 Nude Photos
Star Wars Intergalactic Battle
Initiation (Goddess)
Scorpio Slumber Party

November 1977 Nooseletter

A Crime Will be Committed
Star Wars Intergalactic Battle
Show & Tell
Evening with Psycho/movies
Suicide for our Ears
The Whole Earth Volleyball
Talk about other behind their backs
Carl LaFong Motorcade
Battle of the Titans
Carl LaFongs Victory Celebration
Twenty four hour Amusement Park
Birds Under the Bridge
Food can be Fun (to play with)
Grim Reaper’s Junk Sculpture
From Flower to Flour
Sex in San Francisco
The Predictable Disaster
A Crime You are Powerless to Prevent Will be Committed
A Day at the Races
Star Wars Intergalactic Battle

December 1977 Nooseletter

A Walk with Love and Death
An Evening with Psychopaths
Suicide for Our Ears
Break Down the Library Doors With Poetry and Song
Fantasy Film Society Reunion
Sensory Bombardment
Collaborative Writing Workshop
A Childs Xmas in S.F.
Show and Tell
National Ding-A-Ling Day
Attending a Hysterical Mob Scene Premiere
Attack of the Variables
A Group Discussion
Continental Detective Agency vs. The Legion of Crime
Sam Spade Costume Ball
Greet the Holiday Season
Enter The Unknown
Climbing the Golden Gate Bridge
Commando Raid on the Naval Reserve Fleet
Return to the Maritime Time Warp
New Years at Falstaff Brewery


Big Time Wrestling
Suicide on Ice
Bringing Out the Criminal Element in the S.F.S.C.
Communiversity Potluck
Follow the Foghorns
Free Marijuana Day
Making Death Glisten
Assault on Flight 815
Communing with the Spirits of San Francisco
Rehearsing our Lines
1st Regular Bad Luck Ball and Potluck Buffet
Movie Crowd Formation
The Patchwork Quilt Adventure
From Movies to Real Life
Decoy Street
Return of the Pie
Bureaucratic Treasure Hunt
2nd Annual Suicide Club Treasure Hunt

Feb 1978 Nooseletter

Taking the Death Out of Suicide
Brazilian Parade
Patchwork Quilt Adventure II
Monthly Battle – McDonald#146;s Food Fight
Communiversity Garage Sale
Redwood Chainsaw Massacre
Treasure Hunt and Initiations
Enter the Unknown #?
Sassy Sallying
Enter the Unknown #7
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Getting Wet
Trivia Contest

March 1978 Nooseletter

Magical Fantastical Dream Society
Sewing what youve Ripped
Enter the Unknown #9
Out of your Casket
Separate Realities
Patchwork Quilt III
Fantasy Film Society Reunion
Money, Snakes, and Leprachauns
This is Your Death
The Sewers of Oakland
SFSC Benefit at the Roxie
Star Wars Intergalactic Battle
Fun and Games with the Easter Rabbit
The Church of the Microwave Poodle
The Very Last Show
Commando Raid (aborted due to lock change)

April 1978 Nooseletter

Playland Lives
Infiltrating an Orgy
Garage Sailing
Fast Fast Fast Relief
Communing with the Spirits of San Francisco
Patchwork Quilt Adventure IV
The Night the World Ended
Suicide Club Card Game
Enter the Unknown
Return to Enter the Unknown
Daedalus Delight

May 1978 nooseletter

Ringolevio : A Game Played for Keeps
New Games in Berkley
The Maltese Falcon
Santa Cruzin
2nd Annual Watergun Fight and Potluck Dinner
Moonlight Canoe Races
Becoming a Functioning Member of Society
First Semihemidemiannual Suicide Club Markspersonship Contest
Enter The Unknown
Capn Kid Treasure Hunt

June 1978 Nooseletter

Patchwork Quilt V
Ropes Course
Communiversity Garage Sale
Kostumed Kooks
A Little Night Music
Papas Day
Final Stakeout

Breakfast at the Palace
Star Wars InterHotelic Battle
A Day at Wohler Bridge

S.T.U.P.I D. #1
Ringolevio 2

Rollerball Alley
An Evening Underground
Fox & Hounds
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Croquet Match
Dist. Comm. Calanders
Garage Sale
Hammet/Lieber Tour
The Lord of the Rings
Ringolevio 3
Enter Unknown
Naval Reserve Fleet

November 1978 Nooseletter #13

Suicide for Our Ears #2
The Whole Earth Volleyball
Talk about others behind their backs
The Carl LaFong Motorcade
Battle of the Titans
Carl LaFong’s Victory Celebration
Roll Out the Barrels – Oktoberfest in Nov.
24 Hour Amusement Park
Birds under the Bridge and Hospital Hangover
Food can be Fun (to play with)
Grim Reapers#146;s Junk Sculpture
From Flower to Flour
Sex in San Francisco
Film – The Predictable Disaster
A Crime You are Powerless to Prevent
A Day at the Races


Techniques of Persuasion
Descent into the Unknown
Treasure Hunt
Industrial Landscape
Play Dead
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Enter Unknown
Tarzan & Green Goddess
Capture the Flag
Aura You Lonesome Tonight?
Sleeping Around S.F.
Piedmont Conjunction

May 1979 Nooseletter

Creating a Disturbance on BART (subway)
Be It Damned or Be It Dead
Nuremberg Trials
An Old Tradition Revisited
Rush Hour Run
Local Bucolia
Are You Tied Up Tonight?
Portals of Illumination
Invasion of the BodySnatchers
S.F.S.C. vs. A.L.T.A.

July 1979 Nooseletter

Clown Parade
Paint the Damn Thing Green
Infilitrating Daniel
Camping Out!
Daemonic Scavenger Hunt
The Lock Merced Monster
Return to Paradise
Hoboing in America or Riding the Rails

November 1979 Nooseletter

Garage Sailing
Enter the Unknown – Journey to a Time Long Ago
More Buffoonery
Top O The Mark
Patchwork Quilt Adventure XIII

Christmas Tree Hunt
Pinball Madness
Patchwork Quilt #14
Do you Like Pie?
Federal Express…Going Down
The Mysterious Macho Event


Eat Twinkies and Commit Crimes
Its not Our Fault
The Goldiggers of 1980
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Treasure Hunt
Dawn of the Dead
The Wild Bunch
The Body Brigade
The Third Man
S.T.U.P.I.D. #2
Riding the Rails
“Chaos, Cacophony and Dark Saturnalia ”
The Unknown Enters
Night on Devil Reef
Tom Sawyer Float
Enter Unknown
Alien Landing
Initiation into Chaos
43 Person Squamish


Jack Tales
Movies: Repulsion / The Tenant
Mt. St. Helen?s Slide Show
Treasure Hunt
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Sherwood Forest
43 Man Squamish
Industrial Landscapes
The Thing in the Burying Ground
Fatty Arbuckle
Detective Event Potluck
The Sandglass
Marshall Tito?s Shorts
Paths of the Dead
Carnival of Dead Souls
Death of a Salesman


Treasure Hunt
Golden Gate Bridge Dinner
Capture the Cadaver (year?)
Showdown at the Hyde St. Corral (year?)