Golden Gate Bridge Climb

September 30, 1977 | By

John Law recalls:

16 people went on this climb. This was way too many. Dmitri said to me at one point: “Gee John. I almost passed out back there.” I reassured him & never got outside of arms reach all night. This was the largest group I ever lead on the GGB. Plenty of chills! This climb was long before we got to the top of the tower. (For the next year straight we climbed the tower repeatedly, as much as once every week or two searching for a way to get to the top of the tower. These climbs were by invitation and I only asked good climbers. Some of them were: Pierre, Jayson, Randy Raines, Bob C., Peter F. etc. We made it to the level just below the top after a couple of times. It was very difficult, however to find a way into the one shaft that exited into the top beam and this search took almost a year).


Golden Gate Bridge 1982d copy Golden Gate Bridge 1982c copy

Golden Gate Bridge 1982b copy Golden Gate Bridge 1982a copy


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