Oakland Bay Bridge

August 5, 1977 | By

John Law recalls:

This event was in part (according to Gary) a welcome home to me upon my return from hitchhiking around the country (and Canada). This was the event where we had to threaten the guy (I forget his name) because he refused on principle to ditch his pot. We had to clandestinely park on Yerba Buena Island and sneak past military guards to walk to the raft debarkation point. Gary threatened to drive the guy back to S.F. if he didn’t comply with the events proviso. We rafted out to the 1st Cantilever span stanchion just to the north of Y.B.I. and climbed the tower legs as far as the roadway (160 feet +/-).


Bay Bridge East 1982 Bay Bridge, 1978 copy Bay Bridge East 1982c copy

Bay Bridge1982a copy  Bay Bridge1982b copy

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