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The Most Beautiful Baby

Dave asked me to play the “mother” of the baby for the most beautiful baby contest he wanted to enter.  I borrowed a baby from a friend for the pre-contest physical checkup (probably just to confirm that there really was a baby!).  I went down and filled out all the paperwork using my friend’s little guy.  We then went to the baby beauty contest, where Dave, wearing a homemade papier mache Swee’ Pea mask and diaper and carrying a giant pacifier, with his body painted with Calamine to give it a nasty, unnatural pink hue, disrupted the contest.  (See pics on the Pictures page.)  It was a pure David escapade!  – Shirley Sheffield

R. J. Mololopozy

My memory of this may be off, but my understanding is that Dave picked up a ‘signature’ rubber stamp at a garage sale, and that signature was the erstwhile ‘R. J. Mololopozy’.  An alias was born!    – BobC

The Chinese Food Caper

One time I found myself riding around with Dave in his car, and a few other cronies (Pierre among others as I recall?). The day or so previous to that, Dave  had found a dumpster filled with discarded chinese food and decided to cover the hood, roof, and trunk of his big ol’ GM sedan with mounds of  chinese food, which was by now getting a bit ripe.  It was a good look though!  Anyway, late that night we stopped at Clown Alley on Lombard, and I stayed in the car while everybody else went inside.  Parked at the curb, the car was eye-catching, and it caught the attention of SFPD, who decided to inquire further of me, as I was sitting in the car.  I mumbled something about an art project and they cited public health concerns and suggested we lose the chinese pronto.  I thanked them  and assured that we would do just that, and passed their suggestion on.  It was probably just as well that Dave missed the police part, the whole thing might have gotten more theatrical. – BobC

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