Sliding down South SF Letters

February 27, 1977 | By

John Law recalls:

“We had refrigerator boxes which we cut up and used as sleds to go down the letters.”

“This event was the capper of an incredibly arduous and mind bending, adventure weekend. Big fun.   This night Gary & Ron showed North by North-West at Circus of the Soul. I experienced an extreme example of a type of synesthesia while watching this film, Hitch’s “final word on the chase film”. Lying on the floor of the bookstore, stuffed into pillows and entertwined with the equally exhausted bodies of my Suicide Club comrades I realized that I was IN the movie we were watching. We had moved in one unified and non-stop comet’s arch from the incredible vistas of the GGB through the pre-parade rush of China Town, onto the colossal concrete letters of S.S.F. and straight onto the precarious crevases of Mt. Rushmore with Martin Landau trying to kick us to our death. Wheww! That night and after I felt these people where my family; it was as though I had known them forever. I was already hooked by the Suicide Club but this was the clincher.”

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