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The Suicide Club was an expression of an idea. It was an idea made concrete by the vision and genius of Gary Warne, but it was also an expression of its times and of an age.

In the language of the Suicide Club, an ‘event’ was an experience to be appreciated and embraced as a chance to be fully awake and alive, on the world’s terms, not necessarily your own.  We mostly did these things in groups back in the day, but as I discovered later the best events can be those that are experienced alone.

The ‘event meme’ thought pattern was easy to internalize and carry forward in life, every novel situation whether good or bad could easily be seen and appreciated as a ‘Suicide Club Event’.  I have been on countless ‘events’ in the last 30+ years, mostly ones that only I know about.  Mostly these would probably seem comically trivial, but its all about how it pushes your buttons!   Being a cub scout leader for a year in the mid-90’s was a true Suicide Club event for me, yep.   In my particular case I was fortunate to have a life partner for several decades who also was a Suicide Club veteran, so we got ourselves through many a situation with the knowledge that  it was yet another ‘event’.  Thanks, Judy!

And beyond that I have been able to appreciate how so many people I know who had never heard of the Suicide Club had discovered for themselves a similar appetite for adventure and ‘entering the unknown’ with curiosity and appreciation for unfiltered reality. Thanks, Laura!

My eternal thanks to Gary, David, Adrienne, Nancy, and all my Suicide Club cohort and everybody who has carried this torch forward in every direction imaginable!

As David would say:  ‘Have Fun!’



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