Union Square Stunt

April 1, 1977 | By

John Law recalls:

“I think the same day as naked cable car we did the Union Square Stunt. We parked on the bottom level of the parking lot (4th level?) in 2 or 3 funky vehicles (Dave’s beanbag seat Ford Galaxy 500, a hippy type van-Bob C’s?) There are 3 elevators. The scenes I recall were: 1). Candlelit dinner. Nicely dressed couple, red checked table cloth, Bob Shlesinger? In top hat & tails playing violin. 2). Man (who?) in easy chair attended by a boot black, a manicurist and a barber. 3). Shower scene. I was behind the shower curtain (taped across half the elevator car. Jeri Pupos (Phoenix writer), Ron Del aquila and a third person were in line waiting to shower. We were all wearing only towels. I had a shower cap on, soap on a rope and a tape recorder playing running water. Two well dressed elderly women heading for Macy’s got on the car without looking. I peaked over the shower curtain and, as they realized they were surrounded by near naked people, I told them they would have to take their clothes off and get in line if they wanted a shower. They laughed. 4). A car filled with balloons. 5). Three people bound & gagged and held at gun point by a Gorilla. 6). Flammo LeGrande with the beautiful Maureen Rowland (I think) doing the “Fountain of Flame) out the elevator doors at each level. This one got the cops called and we frantically packed everything up downstairs. We were just pulling out as the police arrived.”



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