Gorilla Grotto

September 20, 1979 | By

The Gorilla Grotto was a play space created by Gary Warne in 1979  as an experimental 
store-front café and “adult play

It was an ambitious
 attempt to engage thinking adults with
their world and their fellow humans in
playful and sometime shocking ways.
Each night of the week, a different theme
was presented. In-depth interviews
of “experts” on a wide variety of hot-
button topics were the fare on Tuesdays, action/adventure play, sometimes
with the group leaving the Grotto for
site–specific adventures, was offered on
Saturdays; on Wednesdays Gary hosted
his peculiar interpretation of “group
therapy” sessions that were popular in the ‘70s featuring the occasional parlor sex play game, and on Sundays, singular acoustic musical acts performed.


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