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I.   The hearse can be used for newsletter events, transporting materials to set up an event and scouting, although newsletter events take precedence over all others. Spot events are qualified by calling and contacting
five other members to ask them to accompany you. They do not have to be able to though. Scouting is the same and transporting is taking one other with you.

II The hearse is available to rent to other members of the club, for moving, etc. at the rate of 15 cents a mile plus gas (fee set by our mechanic) and the renter must get one of the donors to drive.

III There must be two people in the hearse at all times, in the cab, to help the driver park and pass and to be a witness in disputes (the hearse is 19 feet long).

IV The hearse can not be driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol and NO drugs and NO unsealed or open containers of liquor can be in the hearse at any time.

V A logbook will be placed in the hearse with two uses:
A) Beginning Mileage/ Driver/ How many riders/ Use Fee Collected/ Ending Mileage
B) To reserve the hearse for future events, see instructions on the back page. These will be called in to the newsletter editor at noon on the day events are due and these reservations will take precedence over any
events from any other source.

VI Use Fee: A straight 75 cents per person will be collected at the BEGINNING of each trip including the driver. The driver (or the fund) will not, repeat, NOT loan this money and it will be borrowed from another rider or
the hapless individual will have to ride in another car.

VII Gas will be divided evenly between all riders, including the driver, based on 15 cents a mile. This fee could change as we get more data on the way the car drives. It must be TOPPED OFF!

VIII INSURANCE: No matter who is driving, under Cal State Law, registered owner must sue registered owner. The car is in David Warren’s name and insurance will be purchased on a quarterly basis.

IX Tickets: Tickets will also be on David’s name if the car is parked or towed when they are received. Every ticket a driver receives must be paid within 10 days and the DRIVER is ultimately responsible for tickets and towing and it is up to THEM to convince their riders that they should share in the cost since it is ultimately their judgment that is responsible.

X Parking: The hearse must be parked a reasonable distance (4-6 blocks) if possible) from the site of an illegal event. We cannot park in metered spaces because it is illegal to take up more than one parking space where
there are meters. We have to park in unlimited areas of up to 30 minutes in a yellow zone after 6 pm but before that you will be ticketed after a half hour just like anyone else.XI The gas tank must be filled at the end of each trip, and must be topped off. Since every one will have been taken home before the final mileage is computed. When the event is over and you are taking people to their homes, and a round figure to the mileage you already have and estimate where it will be by the time you fill it completely up and the end. Do not let any one out before this is done. The use and gas fee is from departure point to each individual’s home, thus justifying so many expenses (somewhat). 

XII The car will be parked on Lincoln between 14th and 12th Ave. on the SOUTH side of the street. If it is parked on the North side, along the park, it will be towed! It must be locked. 

XIII The keyholders are the original donors, who do not consider themselves owners and are bound by the same rules as everyone else. In fact, they made them- to use the hearse, to rent it, you must talk one of them into driving it for you. These donors now, as of Jan. 11, 1978 are: Adrienne Burk, David Warren, Pierre Barral, Kathy Hearty, Bob Campbell, John Law, Jayson Wechter, Todd Strong, Peter Field, Gary Warner, Jim Freund, and Steve Mobia.

Rules are seen here as present ways to avoid future conflicts. There will probably be additional rules as additional problems arrive. The use fee is for repairs to be incurred at a later date and to save up for registration ($76 a year). We will be gathering a list of 24 hour gas stations in the back of the log book- any entries you can provide in different parts of town would be appreciated. Also late night restaurants.


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