Suggestions Based Upon Experiential Data….or…………..Blowing it Gary Warne, John Law, Adrienne Burk, David Warren from the Golden Hind, Sewers & Kennedy Hotel Events

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Our format has been adopted to insure the minimum of arguing, bickering, amending, censoring, and voting on other people’s ideas,rules, and other volatile subjects. Each person is totally responsible for their fantasy, the logistics of carrying it out, and the rules they want abided. It is up to the members to decide if they want to attend and when, if they do attend, they want to end their participation. At the same time guidelines have been offered by people in very empirical terms-i.e. what they would have done differently if they had only known…. These aren’t rules because we don’t even meet much less vote.

They are for whatever purposes you may use them for and as warnings or assurances for those events that bear our names.


1) Discussions will take place at the first meeting place. People became too excited and it was so chaotic in the sewers that we couldn’t get people to listen to us, stop talking, count off or apprise them that people were following us that we might have been in danger.

2) The leader will give a point by point description of the adventure as they imagine it. Diagrams would be helpful at the meeting place. When people climbed the side of the ship facing the guard house on the Golden Hind we realized that what was obvious to some wasn’t so obvious to others.

3) The leader will give a point by point fantasy of what he thinks could go wrong and what he fantasizes doing about it. If they’re wrong, great!

4) We will not be meeting people beyond the first meeting place where the discussions and planning takes place. We realize that this will be a hardship but it has been more of a hardship trying to avoid hardships.

5) Verbal directions are out. Duplicate maps will be given all drivers.

6) The organizer will provide a list of the equipment necessary and will give it to someone to check off as we leave.

7) We won’t simulate danger, even for joke purposes, in situations that are possibly dangerous already.

8) We’ll ask someone to be an official explainer and talk to witnesses that insist on staying and being perplexed when we’re climbing buildings, etc.

9) A firm hand grasp (holding hands) will be our universal, non-verbal signal to stop talking at any volume.

10) Everybody should have all of the equipment that is specified, the organizer has advised us with a reason, we shouldn’t disqualify ourselves from their requirements because we think we know better. If it says everyone must have flashlights- this means everyone (and many people still don’t own one- buy one). If it says no kids- it means no kids- if it says hard soled shoes, it means hard soled shoes, if it says everyone should have a candle-
EVERYONE has to have one.  W
e feel its best of tell people the truth, if not the whole truth, about what we’re doing. Many people are not using the planned chaos form and so are leaving information out of the write ups that others need to know or that the leaders are not thinking about. Use them. On the small but positive side- we feel we were right about the use of costumes to offset police suspicion/ repression and food (pot luck) helps too!

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